Thursday, June 17, 2010

Week #2 Task Postscript

As I planned, I got out our wedding pictures and looked over them with DH tonight. So much fun to remember! Even with an energetic 4yo looking on, whose main concern seemed to be about the wedding cake and when he could have some. :)

But WHOA - I only got married 7 years ago! I had no idea how much we'd aged! Yikes! And also how much weight we'd both gained! (*Ahem*) Ah well... guess we're becoming an old married couple. There are worse things.

Additionally, on a more depressing note, I was amazed to see how many couples were at our wedding who are now divorced. So sad. I counted at least six couples who are now divorced, not to mention all the dating couples who broke up (that's expected), and a considerable number of people who have died. Frankly, being at our wedding was apparently not a healthful exercise - physically or relationally!

Task #2 - now completed!

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