Tuesday, June 29, 2010

HG Through Three Pregnancies: Amy's Story

Reprinted with permission - thanks, Amy!

"Hi Diana,

"I'm very excited to find your blog. I have three children, and had HG with each pregnancy. Not as severe as other stories I've read, but bad enough! The first one (a boy), it was easier to cope since I didn't have young children to look after. But I was so sick I would wake up out of a deep sleep to vomit with no warning. My husband lived in constant fear of being puked on :) I don't remember how much weight I lost, but I could barely walk. My doctor was convinced I would either lose the baby or have small, sickly one. I gained most of my weight in the last trimester of my pregnancy when I felt better, and my son weighed just over nine pounds! I can't tell you how relieved we were to have a healthy baby.

"My second pregnancy started only 7 months after my son was born! Which terrified me after being so sick. For some reason this was my easiest pregnancy. I was only sick for about seven weeks and could at least stomach milk and bananas. This was also a boy.

"My third pregnancy was not so easy. My doctor put me on diclectin right away, which made the nausea more manageable but made me so drowsy I couldn't function. I took it for a few days, decided I was feeling well and couldn't handle the drowsiness, and stopped taking the diclectin. It only took about three hours for me to start vomiting, and vomiting, and vomiting. I couldn't hold down even a sip of water, and when my stomach was empty I still kept throwing up. My husband came home from work and SOMEHOW we managed to get a dicletin pill down and keep it down long enough to take effect.

"My church arranged for ladies to come to our home and take turns babysitting, cleaning, and cooking. If they hadn't done this my husband probably would have lost his job. I can remember fighting to hold down Boost and seeing beautiful pastel bubbles float by my bed. There were days when I asked God to please let me die in my sleep. This pregnancy was a girl.

"My mother and grandmother also had HG (somehow my lucky sister missed the family curse). It helped to have family who understood and believed what I was going through, and were supportive. During my grandmother's second pregnancy she had to temporarily place my mother in an orphanage because she couldn't care for her and my grandfather couldn't stay home with her.

"Anyway, just thought you'd like to hear another story :)


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