Friday, June 25, 2010

Turn it UP! UP! UP!

So. Big churches and loud music. Why are they intrinsically linked? Is it cause and effect? Effect and cause? Is it just because musicians (and thus soundbooth guys) are often a bit deaf from over-exposure to loud music, and they just turn it up too far? Is it because this generation grew up on rock, and we're all deaf?

DH and I have been discussing the church we had been attending (church #3), and both of us find the music (though very good!) to be painfully loud. The question: Is this a deal-breaker, or do we just need to buy ear plugs? We're still debating. Regardless, we WILL be buying ear plugs before we go back to that church. The pain isn't worth it!

Speaking of loud music, here's a good one:

At the church we briefly attended (the hyper-Calvinist bastion), they have evening services which are "contemporary contemporary" and which are known to be a bit on the loud side. Well, we attended one evening on a day when we didn't make it in the morning.

Never again!

When we walked up (we were a bit late), I noticed with some trepidation that not only was the building shaking.... the ground was shaking. When we walked in and took a seat, I was shaking! Literally - every fiber of my being was vibrating to the intense sound which was pounding from the floor-to-ceiling speakers. I gave up trying to sing pretty quickly - not only could I not hear myself sing, I couldn't even feel myself sing. It was like a total loss of self-identity - I had become one with the music. I could have died of a heart attack, birthed a baby, or set off a small (or large) bomb in the back row, and no one would have noticed - because it was that loud.

Afterward, I told DH: "If you ever come back, I hope you enjoy it!" :)

On a more serious note. Has anyone ever studied the negative impact that churches are having on their community's hearing? We can wear ear plugs if we want to, but what about kids who come in with their parents and are getting blasted every week? It's an interesting question - the interface between the church and public health.

I'd write more, but I have a cranker-baby on my lap - more later! Love to all!

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