Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Benefits of (Too Much) Baby Stuff!

As a budding minimalist (who still has way too much stuff), one of the hard parts about having little children running about is the fact that they come with... stuff. Lots of stuff. Toys, papers, clothing, you name it. Our house may or may not explode any day now.

But the good part about this is that my husband and I constantly have to ship more and more of our stuff out the door to Goodwill to make room for their stuff.

At the end of this parenting journey, we will have practically no stuff left!


Take my dresser for example.

Looking at it, you'd think, "Wow, she has a lot of stuff!"

Well, I used to. This thing used to be crammed full of all of my clothes.



These are the drawers that actually have my stuff in them...

And this is now what's in the other drawers:

Who knew that children could be such aids to minimalism?

I'll make that 100 Things Challenge yet!

(It's also really nice having so many fewer clothes!)


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