Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Easy Dinners for Homeschool Families - Unstuffed Cabbage Rolls!

This recipe comes straight from one of my all-time-favorite blogs, Raising Arrows!

Recipe - Unstuffed Cabbage Rolls

Usually when I see recipes this easy, I tend to ignore them. I've learned (painfully) that recipes claiming "5 ingredients, 5 minutes!" usually have results somewhere in between "forgettable" and "abysmal."

But this recipe was different! It really was easy and fast, and it was delicious! For us, this was a definite keeper!

- For our family (five people), we made a half-recipe.

- It would be easy to stretch this further by increasing the vegetables - for example, by doubling the cabbage and/or the onion.

- My husband and the boys immediately transformed this dish into an Asian dinner with lots of Asian sauces. I preferred mine plain - but both versions were good!

- For the carb-eaters of the family, I served this over rice. For myself, I ate it without rice. An added bonus - it fits into my very-low-carb diet perfectly!


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