Monday, March 3, 2014

Cooking through CHINA - Fortune Cookies!

This week our "Cooking through CHINA" project was.... fortune cookies!

I've actually been meaning to make these since high school - it only took me 15-odd years to get around to it.

After all that build-up, I'm afraid to say that this cooking project was an utter disaster. I believe my mistake was whipping the egg whites too much (they're supposed to be frothy, not stiff), and the batter turned out far too stiff, and the resulting cookies had to be hacked off of the cookie sheets.

It was ugly. Really ugly.

I'll forward those photos to my culinary school instructors, and then we'll all get to see grown men weep. Then again, maybe I won't. Too cruel.

We did finally get a couple to behave themselves enough to fold into fortune cookies, and they tasted good. But go into business as Chinese bakers we will not!

What can I say? It was fun, and the children enjoyed it. Next week I'll choose something easier!

{Thinking of trying it? Our recipe, which we doubled, is here. Remember not to beat the egg whites too much!}

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