Saturday, March 1, 2014

CHINA Craft - Writing Chinese Characters!

One of our first crafts in our unit study on China was copying Chinese characters. This is a super-easy craft that's lots of fun!

Materials: Card stock, paint brushes, black poster paint, and you're set! We found plenty of characters to copy in the various books we'd checked out (like "In the Snow" and others), and we used those as models for copying.

Mine on the left, the 7yo's on the right.

As you can see, the 7yo was easily distracted. My one big error with this project was in setting my expectations too high. Since I found this fun, I wanted each of us to copy lots and lots of characters. With an easily-distractable 7yo who is not fond of putting pen (or brush) to paper, I should have found just one easy character and had him copy that one alone. I'm learning! But it was still fun, even if the end was a bit messy.

I highly recommend this project as part of your study on China! 


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