Thursday, March 6, 2014

CHINA Crafts - Painting China!

In casting about for new China crafts, I came upon this super-easy craft - painting China! Or rather, "painting China." Super-fun, super-easy.

For older children, you will need:

One plastic white plate per child (or glass, if you want!)
Blue acrylic paint and brushes (and newspaper and art smocks)

For younger children, you will need:

One white paper plate per child
Blue markers

If you have a sample (physical or online) of Chinese blue-and-white China pottery, you can use it as a model. Then let the kids give it a try!

Our model:


The 7yo's:

This project held our 7yo's interest for a solid five minutes, which is something remarkable! I had a good deal of fun too, and would have spent a lot more time on it just for sheer pleasure had I been able to. 

Highly recommended as a fun craft while studying China! 


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