Monday, February 17, 2014

Cooking Through CHINA - Egg Rolls!

I'm pleased to announced that we have a new front-runner competing for first prize in our "Cooking Through CHINA" project (part of our homeschool unit study on China). And it is.... egg rolls!

These were an enormous hit with everyone!

We made these as a birthday dinner for the now-2yo, and he loved them too - he actually ate two and a half of these critters by himself. Wow.

The Recipe

We used a great and super-simple recipe for egg rolls. We made it as is - the only discrepancy we noted was that the recipe produced about 20 egg rolls instead of the stated eight. 

We used this recipe for sweet and sour sauce.  No modifications, and it was quick and excellent.


Egg rolls are super-simple to make! The filling was just seasoned ground pork, cabbage, and carrots, and the wrappers are purchased pre-made. Each takes about 30 seconds to roll.

Aided by my trusty assistant (or, to put it more truthfully, by the two-year-old who was too cranky to put down):

As usual, DH served as my fry-cook while I played sous chef. 

Not healthy, but certainly delicious! Rated a 5.0 by each voting family member on our family rating system

Definitely give this a try! It's gone on our keeper-list - DH says it's one of his favorites! 

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