Saturday, February 8, 2014

If You Give a Blogger a Series....

If you give a blogger a topical series to write, she's going to start out with five posts.

When she gets finished with writing five posts, she'll probably expand the series to ten.

Once she's written ten posts, she'll probably need some pictures to go with them.

When she starts to go through her pictures, she'll realize that the pictures she needs are so old that they're stored on her husband's external hard drive.

When she realizes that her photo collection is all over the place, she'll instantly be struck with an overwhelming and irresistible urge to consolidate and organize her photos.

While she's organizing her decade-long photo collection, she'll realize that she has great blog content scattered throughout her pictures!

When she realizes that she has the material for hundreds of new posts right under her fingertips...

.... She'll decide to write a new series.


In other words, folks, it's taking me a while to wrap up my series on the American medical system. However, I'm determined to finish it - because I don't want to be at this forever (and I'd like to move on to other material!). Hold on a few days, and I'll hopefully be ready to start publishing installments!

(And I got a newly-organized photo collection out of it, too!)

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