Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Country Unit Studies: How to Create a Food-Rating Chart!

As part of our country unit studies, another fun thing that we are doing is a "Food Rating Chart" - a way for us to evaluate the ethnic dishes we're cooking and compare our thoughts on how they came out!

This is fun, simple, and super-easy to do, and I encourage you to try it for your country studies!

When we first tried it, I insisted on a consensus rating - everyone coming to an agreement - but that, frankly, was a disaster - we spent all of our time arguing. Now we allow each voting family member to give his own rating, and we average the values together.

Our values are:

1 = horrid
2 = not good
3 = decent
4 = very good
5 = the best

For our current study of ENGLAND, the current front-runner is Cornish Pasty (tried after the following picture was taken), followed close behind by Stottie Cake.

We all have a lot of fun with this (the 7yo runs for the rating sheet whenever we sit down to try another British dish), and it's a lot of fun seeing where the averaging process places each food in the rankings.

Here is our somewhat current listing of British foods that we have tried:

Keeping this record has been a great way to review and learn about ethnic foods and to encourage conversation and friendly debate among family members.

If you're looking for something fun to do with ethnic food during your country unit studies... give it a try!

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