Saturday, October 5, 2013

In Which Peanut Butter Saves the World (Again)!

Last week I posted about the awesomeness of peanut butter in preventing and treating toddler food-tantrums, and this week, peanut butter is again saving the world - as the most effective adhesive remover in the world! For those glass or plastic bottles that are covered in an adhesive that seems stuck with all the power of the universe, give it a try!

Before this, I used a commercial preparation that simply did not work. I don't know how the company even stays in business. I tried multiple applications, long applications, you name it - it never removed one bit of label adhesive.

But peanut butter is another story, and in two or so months of use, I have never seen it defeated!

Simply smear on, wait a while (I usually give it a few hours, because I walk away and forget about it), and then scrub off with hot water and dish soap. For an extra boost, fill the bottle with hot water to help melt the adhesive.

And.... voila!

Being that I am really getting into preparing and storing my own foods, this discovery has been a Godsend! (No, I'm not canning in them - just storing dry goods and using them for lacto-fermented food products such as salsa - plus using the plastic jars for toy containers!)


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