Monday, October 7, 2013

Fall Break - Time for Lesson Planning to Begin!

This week is our homeschool's Fall Break! We're thrilled - we were really ready for a break.

(Right now I do not have a defined, planned-ahead schedule. We just take breaks when we feel ready for them! I want to get better about this in the future, and it looks like we may adopt the "Sabbath schedule" - that is, six weeks on and one week off. We're usually ready for a break by then!)

During this week, I have approximately a half-million things that I would like to accomplish - for school, for home, and otherwise. Here they are!

  • Work on better (earlier) bedtimes and better (earlier) waketimes for the children
  • Create chore charts for morning jobs
  • Start a list of future science experiments/activities so that I can gather equipment and materials proactively
  • Ditto with a craft list 
    • Make individual craft lists by holiday
  • Start doing my 15 minutes per day of organizing/deep-cleaning before the family gets up
  • Change our math schedule to early mornings (our current late-morning time with a toddler underfoot is not working)
  • Assign a weekly day for each of the following
    • Project Night
    • Craft Day
    • Science Experiment Day
    • Library
  • Set date for our annual Caramel Apple Party
  • Make Pam W's famous pumpkin dip
  • Improve chore inspection practices
  • Set day of the week for each child to be a meal helper
  • Plan Christmas
    • How to host a large group on a really tight budget
    • Make holiday planner calendar for Nov-Dec-Jan
    • Make gift-request list to give to relatives
  • Write Christmas letter
  • Get the 20-month-old to start sleeping on his own
  • Clear out the garden
  • Plant the garden
  • Arrange for carpet cleaning (this has only been on my to-do list for three years now)
  • Make my Azure Standard October order
  • Celebrate hubbie's birthday
  • File old lessons and lesson plans, plan for the coming week
  • Set a Daddy-Son Camping Night date
  • Make an apple pie!
As I learned last summer, I don't get a lot done during "breaks" - we may be off from school, but the round-the-clock physical work of caring for a home and three small children simply does not leave much leisure. In all honesty, I will be very pleased if I get half of the above list done. 

However, this time around I did remember to plan activities for our break (unlike last summer). Here are some of the fun things we're going to do this week:
  • Arizona Museum of Natural History (free day!)
  • Desert Botanical Gardens (free day!)
  • Celebrate Daddy's birthday - peanut butter pancakes, peanut butter pie, peanut butter candy. (Sense a theme here?) 
  • Park Day with one of our homeschool fellowship groups
  • Vinegar Painting
  • Glitter Jars
  • (Finally getting around to) painting our map of the British Isles
What do you all have planned for your Fall Break? 

One of our last outside water-evenings of the year! 

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