Monday, June 24, 2013

Local Field Trip: Cerreta Candy Factory (Glendale, Arizona)

This past week we travelled to Glendale with one of our homeschool fellowship groups to attend a scheduled tour at the Cerreta Candy Factory in Glendale.

The Cerreta Candy Factory is quickly approaching its 100th anniversary - it's been around for a while! So it has a wonderful history and culture that goes along with it.

The 300-lb. chocolate football. Milk chocolate goes for $12/lb. You do the math!

When we first walked in, there was utter chaos, because one tour was going on (equaling lots of noise) at the same time that another group of people (including us) was registering for the next tour (equaling even more noise!). We didn't know what was going on, or even if we were in the right place, and both DH and I had to fight a strong compulsion to turn around and go home (made worse by the fact that both of our babies, one in particular, decide to start getting super-cranky from the high noise levels). However, we stayed, and we're glad we did! We had a great time.

Trying to hold the giant chocolate bar. 

Not sure what's going on! 

Possibly a bit ragged after holding a crying child for 20 minutes. 
The tour was short - less than 30 minutes, and there were lots of free samples that the kids (and DH) loved. We got to tour the factory, see the candy-making in process, and talk with employees. The only down side was that it was hard to hear the lecture due to the high noise level in the factory, but they did their best.

The man himself! 

The chocolate-dipping machine. 

"This machine is a replica of the machine that "Lucy" worked on "The I Love Lucy Show. "

We had a lot of fun on this tour. Were we to do it again, I would do the following:

(1) Make sure that we had 20 people in our group so that we could request a private tour (we fell just a few people short and thus had to join the huge tour).

(2) Go during a time that was NOT summer break. In other words, anything to cut down on the crowds! Apparently this is a popular tour with summer programs (Boys & Girls Club, daycares, etc.).

Watching the candy process. 

The candy shop! 

Afterwards, everyone headed to the candy store! DH and our eldest each picked out four pieces of candy per person, for a total of $2.08. Quite a bargain in terms of a field trip!

(The tour itself is free, which is awesome! For an added fee, you can join in some sort of candy-making activity at the end, something that we chose not to do this time.)

We'd definitely be up for going back!

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