Wednesday, June 19, 2013

In Which I Have a Creative Idea! (Or Not)

This past month, I had an absolutely brilliant idea.

Stop the presses, folks! She actually had a decent idea!

Creativity is not my strong point. But I actually did come up with a great idea - putting a big map under a clear table cloth in order to have a living geography lesson at our fingertips each time we used the kitchen table! Is that awesome, or what?

But then, this past weekend, at the homeschool convention, one of the speakers said, "Hey! If you want to help your kids learn geography, just put a big map under a clear tablecloth on your kitchen table, and you'll have a living geography lesson at your fingertips each time you use the kitchen table!"

Hey, hey, HEY! I don't have a lot of brilliance here to work with, people! Don't steal my thunder! 

All joking aside, however, having a map on our table has been great! Our 7yo only occasionally pays attention to it, but it has been great for DH and I, both of us having rather weak geography skills - and so we end up having a geography-based conversation at almost every meal!

Right now I'm using a United States map, as that's what I could find, but I'm hoping to find a world map soon. I'd love to display both, but we have only one table - finding a place for the second map will be an adventure for another day. Suggestions, anyone? My store of brilliance has been exhausted with this effort, so I'm out of creative ideas.

The adventures never stop with home education! There's always something to learn or try. Love it.

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  1. Get a large world map and every so often (however often you want), you can swap them out, storing the unused one underneath the top one, or behind a dresser or something.


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