Thursday, June 27, 2013

Charles H. Spurgeon, Stand-Up Comic


Both my husband and I are big fans of Charles Spurgeon. Not only was he a great preacher and truth-teller of his time, but he also fought the great fight against the encroachments of higher criticism, the force which would later maim many of the mainline Protestant denominations (for more information, see "Spurgeon and the Downgrade Controversy"). He was a fascinating and inspiring man!

We were, therefore, extremely excited to find a film made about the life of Charles Spurgeon, and we're currently in the middle of watching it. It's very informative and interesting, and we're looking forward to seeing the rest. If you enjoy church history, or just want to learn about Spurgeon, check it out!

After you've watched and learned, watch it again... this time with closed captioning turned on. You will die laughing - no joke.

DH and I always watch films with closed captioning, because we find that little things here and there are lost otherwise. Usually it's very helpful... but in this case, the wording is done so poorly (I'm assuming it's computer-generated) that it would be unintelligible by itself. However, it's screamingly funny.

DH, who wasn't paying attention to the words on the screen, kept wondering why I was snickering during the film. When I told him, he - of course! - started reading the wording, and from there on out we were doubled over with laughter (the kind where one is gasping for breath). We eventually had to turn off the closed captioning just because we were laughing too hard to pay attention to the film.

So... Watch it once for history, once for comedy. An all-around hit!

Any other Spurgeon fans in the audience?

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