Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Best Days Are When the Babies Come!

About seven years ago, DH helped a friend out with our church's College and Career Group. Since then, most of those "kids" have married... and are now having babies! Isn't life wonderful? (I feel like a grandmother!)

The mama of the latest baby to be born has just posted her birth story of little Stephen's birth, and I have to share - it is a lovely birth and a beautiful retelling. Kudos to her wonderful birth team, and congrats to this wonderful family! I cannot wait to see how this lovely family develops over the coming years.

Baby Stephen's Birthday!

I love this:
"I'll spare you any gory details, but I just want you to know that everything they say about potentially puking or peeing or being otherwise indecorous is entirely true. It is also true, though, that if you've got a good support team (for me, my husband and my doula) and an understanding medical staff (in our case, a midwife and nurse), labor can be a good memory, despite the discomfort and pain."
So very true!

Congratulations on the birth of your first little one, Kate!

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