Monday, October 1, 2012

Various Fall Happenings

Howdy, folks!! I am thrilled to announce, finally, that summer is OVER! Woo hoo!!! It may still be over 100 degrees around here, but that's okay - summer is over anyway, whether it likes it or not. On to my favorite time of year!

Of course, autumn would be starting up - and thus, my favorite food time of the year (pumpkins! apples!) - just as I go back on the VLC diet. (*Sob*). However, I have resolved that I will still enjoy cooking through my favorite season, and serving my family, so I am cooking merrily along.... and not eating a single bite of it. Can we say "torture"? But I'm enjoying it anyhow. Sort of. 

Here are a few of our latest cooking projects....

Our very favorite banana split baked oatmeal:

I reduce the sugar to 3 Tbsp., and it is still great (it was a wee bit on the too-sweet side otherwise). This stuff is to kill for. Yum.

Our latest home ec project - making an apple pie. Or rather, I baked the pie while our 6yo did his best to appropriate and consume spare ingredients:

It was great! (Or so I heard....)

Our favorite banana spice muffins were part of last week's efforts, but alas - no pictures.

And finally, crockpot applesauce - yum! And it smells wonderful! Next time I will make it without sugar.

I'm hoping to get around to hosting an apple party for the family, but haven't gotten that far yet.

And now, a few more family pictures!

Our new cub scout!

He and DH are greatly enjoying this activity together. As for me, I stay outside with the babies on the playground and get eaten alive by mosquitoes. When I counted last week, I had 45 bites on one leg and 55 on the other. Apparently, mosquitoes just like me. (Ah, popularity!)

And yes, that age has arrived - when silence is not golden, but highly dangerous. When I found this, I laughed for a long time and then went to get the camera to take pictures. When we went to clean up, we had to undress him in the bathtub for damage-control purposes - he was covered. The cat food bandit is on the loose!

The "twins," making messes together:

And the Chublet, at one of his favorite times - dinner time!!

Have a great week, everyone!

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