Thursday, October 18, 2012

Oh, the Irony!

Last week, DH received recognition for his five-year employment anniversary with his company. He received his five-year pin, his five-year anniversary gift, and a letter from the company telling him how they valued faithfulness and long-term employment.

Three days later, they went through and laid off DH's entire division. Called a meeting, said goodbye, and that was that.

So much for "faithfulness and long-term employment"!

I must admit that I have derived considerable amusement from contemplating the above.

But now we're back to the drawing board! DH is working diligently on investigating employment leads, hoping that we will be able to stay in the valley and that he will be able to find employment soon.

However, in this as in all things, we are trusting God - for timing, for wisdom, for direction, for everything. He knows where he wants DH to get a job, and where He wants us to live, and the direction in which He wants our family to go.

Over this past year, I have been praying for God to change us - change us to be the mom and dad He wants us to be, the husband and wife He wants us to be, to be the family He wants us to be and to be going in the direction He wants us to go. I have seen some absolutely incredible (read: mind-boggling) changes to our family, and I expect that this is (as always) part of that process. We are trusting Him in that process.

Hopefully I will not fail to trust Him should our length of unemployment creep close to (or past) the point where we can successfully support ourselves financially.

And so... here we go on the unemployment journey! As God wills, may it be a short one! :)

I thought I'd end with this video... not because it has anything to do with anything I've been discussing, but because.... we just love this video, and I'm feeling particularly random at the moment. If you've spent any time in an American megachurch, you know how true this is. We love this!!

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