Sunday, October 21, 2012

Our Recent Doings in Blurry Pictures

Sorry, folks - smart phones just don't take awesome pictures!

At the pumpkin patch, one of our favorite places! 

Baby Moose is learning to pull up! And he is into everything!

This weekend's camping trip. A "complete fiasco" might be too harsh of a descriptor, so I will just say that we're still all alive and on speaking terms, so it could have been worse:

Trying to keep the babies busy while setting up the tent. Can you tell that the Chublet is not enamoured (yet) of being played with?

Getting the 6yo involved:

A trip to Canyon Lake after the trip to see the Dolly Steam boat. The day-use area was closed to visitors for the day... can we say "trauma"? Yes, we can. And we did.

The mountains at dawn. This has got to be our worst picture:

Trying to get everyone ready in the morning:

Sleeping late:

Some cuteness:

Some highlights of the night were a neighboring party of energetic boy scouts whose exuberant campfire lasted long into the night, and a baby (the 3yo) who decided to wake up crying (and crying and crying) in the middle of the night. I ended up on a deflated mattress squished between two babies, while DH spent the rest of the night on the floor with the 6yo. 

And now, off to bed! Have a great week, all! 

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