Saturday, August 11, 2012

Updated Protocol!

Hi, everyone! Hope you all are having a lovely weekend! Over here we've had a dust storm, a trip to Goodwill, lots of shopping, and all the usual weekend-y things. And now for 30 seconds of blogging!

And really - I do mean 30 seconds. I'm not writing anything properly tonight - just noting that, at long last, I have updated my HG protocol with all of my latest adventures and experiences, and it is ready for viewing! Unfortunately I did not date my old comments, but I have dated my recent comments (and will date future comments), so you can see what's new there.

I find, however, that my protocol has grown exponentially into something that is too big and bulky for practical personal use. I do want to leave it intact so that HG mamas can go to it to get lots of ideas, but I am going to draft a second, more succinct version, leaving in only the parts that I am using and plan to use in the future. So I will keep two versions going, and will post both. Look for that soon!

I'd love to hear any comments that you all have!

And now, off to bed! Have a lovely Sunday, everyone!


  1. Hey Diana
    I have a quick question. Do you know of any doctors that have worked with women that have had HG? I will be getting a midwife once pregnant but want to prepare my body first which will have to be with a "regular" doctor for my insurance to pay. I was wanting Vitamin injections ect...


  2. Send me an email, and I'll send you what I have! thejohnstons3 at cox dot net

    A couple of notes:

    - You can look on the site for physician referrals - it's really not that awesome (they really need to work on it), but there are some names there that have been recommended by HG mamas.

    - I posted this question on mamapedia once, and you can see my answer here:

    It might be worth posting again, to get more updated responses.

    Here's the caveat: Most doctors will not see the client of a midwife. I went to see Goodman & Partridge, since they were recommended twice on that post, and they actually kicked me out of their office the second they found out that I had a (*gasp*) midwife. I have emailed several other practices and gotten the same response - "no, we won't see you." So.... you can do some legwork to find an HG-friendly midwife-friendly OB, or you can just go see an OB without mentioning the midwife issue.

    Additionally, I got my vitamin injections through SCNM (Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine), which is in Tempe. They are great, they love midwives, and they're very affordable. I just got an appointment with a student (cheaper than an appointment with an ND) and asked for Vitamin B/Folate/Magnesium shots - I brought a copy of the article that I posted for their reference. The cost was something like $65 for the initial visit and maybe $25 for each follow-up. They offered to send me home with filled syringes so that someone else could do the shots for me (a nurse friend, husband, whomever), which would have dropped the cost to something like $12 per shot (without the office visit charge). They also take Cigna.

    So.... email me and I'll send you the other names that I have! Let me know how it goes!!!


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