Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Great Read: "The Protein/Morning Sickness Connection"

A few weeks ago, I asked Amy at Raising Arrows if she could possibly write a post about the connection between protein intake and NVP (nausea and vomiting of pregnancy), due to a comment she had made earlier about how drastically increasing her protein intake had helped her to control her NVP/HG. Either in answer to that request, or because she was already planning to write on the subject, here is her article, published today!

The Protein/Morning Sickness Connection

There is great stuff here, and it mirrors what I have learned - basically, that during periods of NVP, carbs are BAD and protein is GOOD. That's contrary to what is taught ("eat crackers!"), but I have found it to be quite true. Protein (with fat) usually leads to much more stability and manageable nausea, while carbs lead to a brief "I feel great!" followed by a quick crash and worsened nausea levels. I saw this pattern over and over during this past pregnancy.

This assumes that a mama can actually EAT, of course! But this is worth looking into, and I see this theme repeated over and over - protein (especially animal protein) can really help an NVP pregnancy.

So... take some time to read the article (and the rest of the blog - it's great!) and check out the comments as well.

Thoughts, all???

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