Saturday, August 4, 2012

Adventures in August

Yet more snippets of life around here!

- Our latest science experiments:

Cleaning pennies with a vinegar salt solution. Did it work? No.

Making homemade carbonated lemon soda, a drink so disgusting that neither of us even swallowed the first taste:

Separating color fractions from mashed spinach. Did it work? No.

Something tells me that I need to get a new science experiment book.

- Other fun stuff....

Digging huge holes in our front planter. Why? Because holes need to be dug! Just ask any boy.

Making sharpie tie-dye t-shirts - this was fun, fast, easy, and required almost no prep time or extra materials!

Paint-in-a-bag! No mess! It amused our 6yo for almost thirty seconds (if I round up). Oh well, I thought it was fun.

- Our 9-year wedding anniversary was last month! We had our yearly conversation:

Person 1: Hey, our anniversary is tomorrow!
Person 2: Oh yeah, I guess we should do something for that.
Person 1: Yeah, what do you want to do?
Person 2: I don't know, what do you want to do?
Person 1: I don't know, what do you want to do?

And so on and so forth. BUT this year had two major improvements! (1) We had this conversation before our anniversary, instead of "Hey, yesterday was our anniversary! We should have done something!", and (2) We actually did do something! We went out for milkshakes! Seriously, this is the first time we've done anything for our anniversary in about seven years or so. Major accomplishment there!

And if we're lucky, we can just make that an annual tradition so that we can stop having to think about it!

- For homeschooling.... After doing hours and hours and hours of research, I've got to admit the sad truth - I am still drowning in a sea of curriculum choices. I just do not do well in any situation that has lots of choices. Everything that I see, I like. But actually choosing - and what's more, choosing well, eludes me. I need to find what fits our son, what fits me, and what fits our family. Argh.

So, for the meantime, I am purposely giving up my endless search, and am seeking the Lord in prayer so that He can guide me to the curriculum He wants us to use for this year. Otherwise I am going to turn into (more of a) frustrated whirlwind of curriculum-choice stress. Whenever we decide on things, I'll let you know!

- Just a couple of family pics:

First time in the door bouncer! 

First sink bath
Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

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