Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Taking Baby Steps

I got around to thinking the other day that I had written up a beautiful plan and protocol  - but now I needed to actually do something about it!

I think that I am intimidated by that enormously long to-do list, as well as the dizzying array of options that there is on each of the major points. But still, I need to get busy!

So I did. I got out my list of OB recommendations that I got from Mamapedia a couple of years ago, and I sent an email to one of the doctor's offices to inquire as to whether the doctor would be willing to take a midwife's client. Last time I got that "okay!" by phone, and it ended up with me being kicked out by an OB who had not been told that my case had been approved by management. Not again! This time I wanted it in writing.

That was on Friday, as of today I have heard nothing. I'm hoping to hear something soon! Much as my current OB is a fabulous doctor, I just don't feel that she would be aggressive with HG. I need someone who is willing to tackle the beast and be vicious.  (The waiter, from "Easter Parade": "You must be ruthless!")

I'll post if I hear something!

Now on to acupuncturists, naturopaths, etc. etc. etc. Ack!

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