Friday, May 20, 2011

Needing Some Help!

Today I called my OB's office to get an appointment to go over my plan/protocol. I found, to my dismay, that "consultations," not covered by insurance, are rather pricey. I couldn't think up a "reason" to go in, so the sweet receptionist suggested that I email in a document and then we could work on finding a reason for an appointment if it was decided that in-person discussion would be better.

And so, I'd love some advice from HG mothers! Is the following document complete? Am I missing anything? I know I am woefully behindhand on my treatment knowledge, as what I know about HG treatment protocol can be summed up in one word - "zofran." If anyone has any suggestions on that part, or anything else, please let me know! I'm going to send it in over the weekend.

Here it is! (Note: This is substantially shorter than my personal plan/protocol... I have left out all of the practical applications and all of the health items that don't really merit discussion (kefir, etc.).)

Thanks, all!


What we would like to do:


- Vitamins I am taking: Multi, Fish oil, probiotic, greens, magnesium, vitamin D
- Would seeing a naturopath be helpful as well?
- Possible bloodwork: H. Pylori, thyroid, vitamin/mineral deficiencies (B, D, magnesium, zinc, etc.), Addison’s disease (listing all known contributors to hyperemesis)


Upon positive pregnancy test:
- Start weekly vitamin shots, B-complex with B-12, and magnesium (see following article – this was one of the main things I wanted to discuss in person)

Upon first nausea:
- Start Unisom and Zofran on first hint of nausea
- Progress to sub-lingual Zofran or Zofran pump if necessary (hopefully not!!)
- Possibly get prescription to order Primabella wristband


  1. Have you considered getting the Diclectin? It works much better than just the unsiom.

    Does this OB work with a practice? If so I would ask to make sure you see the same OB everytime you had to go. You don't want to be explaining everything to a new OB each time when you are so sick.

  2. Sleepwalker - Thank you! :)

    Janet - Thanks for the input! Yes, I meant Unisom/B-6 (which is what Diclectin is) - I just didn't mention it. And thankfully, my OB is a solo practice doc, so there's only one doctor. As a matter of fact, she wouldn't know me if she saw me, because I usually deal with her PA (easier to get quick appointments), but thankfully it's just one doctor/PA set.

  3. wait I thought you were a homebirthing momma - you see an ob and not a midwife?

  4. Hi, Janie! Yes, I am an enthusiastic homebirther, but homebirth midwives (CPMs) do not have prescription privileges, so I have to have a consulting OB to prescribe meds for HG. It's exceedingly difficult to find an OB who is willing to work with a midwife's client - they are rare jewels who will do so!! :)

  5. Week 6, day 1. I have started in cyclize (up to 3 a day) as nausea started a couple of days ago and sickness started today. Even though I knew there were good odds I'd get it again I had hoped...Oh well, just have to go for aggressive treatment from the start. Have managed to eat this afternoon. Exactly same onset as last pregnancy but this time I'm ready for it.

  6. go in for your yearly checkup? That's what i'm planning to do, with one interview at least. I had a consult right after last pregnancy and it was way to expensive!

  7. Oh, the irony! You ask us to give you a reason to see the OB and the Lord obliges ;)


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