Thursday, May 5, 2011

10 Morning Sickness Tips That Don't Work

Lately, I've seen several Facebook posts saying something along the lines of "My friend has hyperemesis gravidarum, can you guys suggest anything that would help?"

Inevitable, there is a brief pause, and then people start suggesting "Has she tried ginger?" etc. etc. etc.

Somehow, I'd love to tell the world - the remedies that work miracles for morning sickness do not work for hyperemesis!!

So, anyone out there who is looking for helping for an HG mother, here are ten things that don't work!

(1) Ginger

(2) Fresh air

(3) Brisk walks

(4) Dry crackers

(5) Gingerale, or flat soda

(6) Lemons or orange in any form (juice, peel, candy)

(7) Eating before getting out of bed

(8) Peppermint candies

(9) Sea bands

(10) Doing something to "get your mind off of it"

Anyone have any others to add to this list?

(Not to say that one or more of these remedies might not have been of use to some one-or-other HG mother; just that the vast majority of morning sickness remedies are unhelpful or harmful to the vast majority of HG mamas.)

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