Wednesday, May 18, 2011

No Dice!

Just heard back from the OB's office that I emailed - no dice! For whatever reason, they do not want to work with me.

Too bad!

But I have been praying for God's will to come through clearly - I'd much rather be rejected now than to find out that it was a bad fit halfway through. And goodness knows, it's much better to get a bad reaction via email than face-to-face in an exam room.

Though, from a birth activist standpoint, it is very exasperating..... This reaction is so very common! It seems that the obstetrical world (in general, with exceptions) has two things to say about midwifery care:

(1) We will not serve as OB back-ups for midwives.

(2) Midwives are not safe because they don't have OB back-ups.

Might I point out the wee problem with this set-up? *Sigh*.

Where to next? Not sure. It may be sticking with the status quo! Which, again, is an excellent option in terms of obstetrician quality. I'll have to see.

Have a great day, everyone!

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  1. Better to find out now but that's a crazy set-up for midwives to have to juggle.


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