Monday, August 16, 2010

What a Weekend

This weekend has been all over the place - geographically and emotionally. Yikes!

On Friday we got some news related to DH's job that was both elating and disappointing, but I won't write about that here - hey, it's the internet! :)

I also heard the news (through Facebook hints) that a dear friend's baby has arrived, though said baby is now THREE DAYS OLD and we have as yet seen NO PICTURES!! Hopefully our pictoral ignorance will be soon remedied this week!

On Saturday, I had a to-do list the size of a small novel, due to the fact that we were having dinner guests (first in a year!) and I was taking dinner to a new mama and her family - and due to various dietary restrictions, I couldn't cook the same thing for everyone. Then for some reason I decided to complicate that by making a huge family breakfast - not sure what I was thinking on that one, but what with one thing and another, I spent the whole day in the kitchen! It was crazy.

The dinner party went splendidly, though, and it was so nice to see some old friends whom we are only able now to see a few times a year. Of course, long uninterrupted conversations are now a product of bygone days, with two kidlets running about, but we tried! It was a fun time.

On Sunday, we tried another new church - our friends' church, actually. DH liked it, I did not. And for some reason I had our old church on my mind and how much I miss it... and I'm afraid I got a bit squiffy with my hubbie. Sweet and mature I was not. I'll have to try again next time.

Thankfully, I was able to get out of the house (rather than continuing the squiffy-ness) to take dinner to our friend with her new baby. I got a glance at the little chap (asleep and comfy in his Moby wrap) and got to chat with my friend and her hubby for a few minutes. A nice break! My friend had probably one of the most difficult births on record in my experience (super-long several-day labor followed by transport to hospital and cesarean), so it is so nice to see her looking well and happy.

Then that afternoon, we had a visit with our midwife - hurray! It had been far too long - something like 4 months. I find that I really love reconnecting with her on a regular basis - she is now a good family friend.

While we were there, I went ahead and brought up something that has been on my mind with increasing anxiety these past few weeks - our baby's physical milestone development. I have thoroughly enjoyed this past year of having a docile, non-mobile baby, but as his first birthday approaches, it has dawned on me that he is not where he should be physically. At nearly 1 year of age, the most he does is turn over - no sitting, scooting, crawling, etc. So we talked it out, and even she (as an extremely non-interventive health care provider) confirmed that something is not as it should be, and that I should bring this up to our doctor. That will be this week (tomorrow), so I'm mentally biting my fingernails as I wait for that appointment. I can worry with the best of them, I'm afraid!

On our way home, we stopped by a friend's house to drop off some borrowed DVDs, and while we were there she gave me some devastating news about a church friend of ours, a young man with three small children - he has lost his long battle with brain cancer and has now a matter of only days or weeks to live. We have been in a state of shock and grief ever since.

Then I walked in the door to an email from my mom telling me that I lifelong friend and neighbor of ours has been diagnosed with multiple malignant bone tumors and is starting chemo tomorrow.

Oh, and our eldest son is down now with a cold.... And a friend's (darling, adorable!!) twin babies arrived last night (CUTE!)... And we're having a sewer line put in today... And I'm spending considerable time worrying about preschool issues (more on that later).... Has that packed enough into one small weekend? I think there were a couple of things I missed, as well.

Here's hoping that this week is a calmer one, though I know it will be a sad one as we receive news of our friend's last journey with cancer.


  1. Wow, and I thought I was having an emotionally crazy weekend! I'll be praying for you and I hope your little guy is alright.

    - Kristina

  2. Wow, what is it about August, pretty crazy huh?
    One suggestion - have your son seen by a pediatric chiropractor, if you haven't already. Can't hurt, and might help.


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