Saturday, August 14, 2010

Last Night....

We all go to bed late. When I go to go to bed, I see that baby was awake in his cradle (next to our bed), so I have to wait for him to start getting sleepy again before I can lay down.

I finally lay down and am reading my Bible... when our eldest wakes up with a nightmare. I spend 15 minutes calming him down, then go back to our room. Baby is awake again. So I go out to the computer and waste some time looking up information on schools. Go back in, baby is sleepy, good, I read, lay down. Baby immediately wakes up and starts crying. I give up and pull him into bed with us (he usually comes into bed with us when he wakes during the night, but I like to start off the night alone). He goes back to sleep; I start falling asleep.

Then the 4yo starts crying again. That's when I really start praying. "Lord, please let him fall asleep so I can get some sleep before I go insane." Thankfully, the prayer is answered and everyone goes to sleep for the night, at who-knows-how-long after midnight.

Five hours later, from our eldest's room - "Mommy! Can I get up yet?"

It's going to be a long day!

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  1. Poor you. This is the kind of night that would leave me on the verge of vomit all the next day (or two or three). Does a night like that leave you nauseated the next day? I've noticed lately that lack of sleep is my strongest nausea trigger now. hmmm...


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