Saturday, August 7, 2010

Pregnancy Reenactments, and an Ode to Zofran

This past week, I hosted a playgroup at our house. It was great!

And then, about three hours afterward, one of the moms emailed to say that her son, who had attended the playgroup, was now coming down with stomach flu.


So I got out the rubbing alcohol and went over the house fixtures (doorknobs, light switches, etc.) and as many toys as I could (which is a losing battle, let's face it). Then we sat down to wait.

As the weekend came to a close, I was hopeful that we had avoided any infection. And then, Sunday night, DH looked at me and said, "You know what? I don't feel so well."

Two hours later, bam! Stomach flu. He was down for two days, having a lovely time (I'm sure I don't need to include details!).

We kept disinfecting and eating Vitamin C, and the week wore on.... hope began once more to blossom.... and then yesterday morning I woke up, did my normal routine, sat down to play the piano (my current method of waking up DS), and then suddenly noticed, "Wow. I don't feel too well. Oh, shoot."

As I quickly continued feeling worse, I hurried to the bathroom and overdosed on vitamin C, Pepto Bismol, and a few leftover Zofran. Oddly enough that regimen (most likely the Zofran) really kept it at bay for the rest of the day. I continued to feel tired and yucky, but "the flu" didn't actually arrive - until DH returned home, and then shortly thereafter it set in full force. Thankfully, the worst of it was over by late night, so I was able to get some exhausted sleep, and I'm now feeling much better, though still tired, achy, and mildly yucky. However, I am so thankful that the Lord permitted me to get through the day so that DH didn't have to take any more time off of work.

Now we are once again back in the waiting mode to see if either of the kids is going to come down with it. I am praying that the answer on that one will be no!!! We have not yet had to deal with stomach flu with the kidlets, and I'm not anxious to start.

So I once again had the chance to think through this whole pregnancy thing. "Remember? Pregnancy is just like this, my friend. Do you really want to consider putting yourself and your family through this nightmare again?" Of course, when I'm sick, the answer to that is "Fat chance!" Once I'm feeling better, it waffles back into an, "Oh, I don't know. We'll think about it." Sheesh. Talk about ridiculous vacillations.

But anyhow - have I mentioned how much I love Zofran? Morning sickness, stomach flu, crunchy ice cream topping - it's great for just about anything.

And so, in that spirit, I offer the following brief ode, which I penned last night before collapsing into bed. Great poetry it's not, but hey, I'm writing about a drug here. Don't expect literary greatness.

Oh, and in case anyone is wondering, "Ondansetron" is the drug name - "Zofran" is the brand name.

Ode to Zofran
(to the tune of "America")

My gratitude for Zofran lies
On on-so-many planes
The morning sickness gently fades
The nausea it wanes

Ondansetron, Ondansetron!
I thank my God for thee
May my supply
Not once run dry
This is my heartfelt plea!

Enough said. And now I am off to nap!

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  1. Between puking, I am now singing the Zofran song


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