Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A Week of Surprises

Wow, what a start to the week! This week has just been a week of big news - most of it baby news!

First and least-importantly, I am once again not pregnant! That's good, although I was disappointed. My body likes to play tricks on me - it has a bad habit of doing nice little triphasic basal body temperature patterns (generally a sure sign of pregnancy) that have me holding my breath till the end of my cycle. In all honesty, I was totally bummed, but with our supposedly upcoming move, it's probably better to wait.

(Speaking of houses, we lost bid #4 and are now on to bid #5 - should know by the end of the week!)

In more important (MUCH more important!) baby news, a good friend K. had her baby on Sunday, after a DISGUSTINGLY easy labor (dang it, K., you're supposed to suffer more for it!) and we are extremely excited for her. Congratulations R. & K. and welcome, little one!! Great job, K.!!! You rock!!! Write your birth story!!! :)

A side note: I've been thinking about how to post my next birth story (nothing like thinking ridiculously far into the future, is there?). I am so head-over-heels in love with childbirth and childbirth-lore, and so involved in the birth community, that I now am completely used to totally nude birth pics, and I don't mind seeing or sharing them. BUT I doubt that my faithful readership will want to see that! (Not to mention church discipline for pornography, LOL) Maybe I'll post with a BIG disclaimer. Or maybe I'll try to put them on an entry that has to be accessed separately from the usual list of postings. (Jen? Is that possible?)

In other unexpected baby news (K's baby was a good week and a half early, so we weren't expecting to hear anything for quite a while), some good friends of ours who have been trying to conceive for almost five years now, have quite unexpectedly found out that they are expecting! This is truly exciting news, and we are beyond excited for them. Also exciting is the fact that the new mummy has decided to use one of our beloved midwives for her pregnancy, so that is an additional excitement!

And what does this have to do with hyperemesis??? Absolutely nothing!!!! (Except, of course, for the fact that I, not being pregnant, can put off having to deal with HG for another month.) So forgive the meandering, and I promise that I'll get back into HG soon!!! In the meantime, congratulations everyone!!!

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  1. Is this friend A?

    The only way I know of to post the pics would be in like a album (free) that you could password protect. Then just post the link to the album and not the pictures themselves, along with a clue as to what the password is.


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