Monday, May 12, 2008

Another Week Begins!

Well, our little guy has unexpectedly decided to take a 3-hour+ nap, so I've decided to waste some of that precious extra time blogging! Most likely he'll be up within the next ten minutes.

My spare time this week has mostly been spent dealing with ANTS. As has been so aptly said, "They're baaaacccckkkk." Last year we had a miserable time with ants - we were basically overrun. The kind of situation where if one drops a cheerio on the carpet, ten minutes later there will be an efficient little black line going to and from it to yet another hole in the wall where the little beggars are pouring in.

Last year we had one 24-hour session that was absolutely amazing. They started coming into the baby's room, so we called the apartment's pest control, who (as usual) sent out an inexpert chap who doused our front doorway with pesticide. Well, apparently, that made the little things MAD, because they then moved into both bathrooms by midnight, and by morning were pouring into our kitchen in hoardes. We had to ask our friend C. to come over for about four hours so I could deal with the little devils, and our house spent the rest of the summer covered in boric acid and diatomaceous earth - a state which it has now resumed and will probably keep until the cool weather hits this fall.

Our third house has now almost definitely fallen through. Another bid has (we think) been accepted, although we may be the runners up in case it falls through. We have been amazed at the number of irresponsible and dishonest realtors we have had to deal with during this process! I hadn't realized what a wide spectrum of honesty and character there is in the field - and a lot of unprofessionalism too. Thankfully our realtor is honest and responsible and reliable, so he can deal with the rest of them for us. We went out and looked at another 10 houses yesterday and found 2 possibilities, so hopefully we'll be able to look at them soon and see if they could work for us. Buyer's market? What buyer's market?

The big excitement of the week will be H&B's wedding, which I am coordinating (yikes!). That is big project #2 of 3 (#3 being our assumed upcoming move). After that I can get pregnant at will, God willing! I'm wondering if it will actually be as easy to get pregnant as it used to be for us (2 pregnancies in 3 months), just for the simple reason that with the way we've been using our NFP, we ought to have rightfully gotten pregnant at least 8 times this past year, LOL!! (Side note: I now understand why all the couples in our NFP class were engaged, rather than married, which shocked me at the time - one really needs to use NFP for at least a year before using it for family planning, in order to learn one's body and cycles.) So that will be interesting. However, with the overwhelming amount of fear that I have in facing another pregnancy, I won't be too upset if it takes a while. After all, it's mainly at Joe's insistence that we're trying again at all. I love being pregnant, but I have too much fear to push for it voluntarily. I'm hyperventilating just thinking about it now! I'm wondering if it is actually too smart for us to attempt another pregnancy. I don't know how well I would be able to rejoice in it - there's just too, too, too much fear. I'm having a really hard time trusting the Lord on this one (and that, indeed, is the subject of another blog entry entirely). I've never been so close to true despair, and I know from friends and research how much further HG can go - I don't want to go that far down into the Pit. I pray for wisdom in this whole issue!!

Well, our little guy is still not up! With a 3 1/2 hour nap, I'm guessing he's coming down with something - he always sleeps more when he's sick. So I'd better go get something useful done!!

Lots of love to all!

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