Saturday, May 17, 2008

And another one down!

Well, project #2 of 3 is now accomplished! It was coordinating some church friends' wedding, and it came off smashingly last night. It was one of the most beautiful weddings, physically and spiritually, that I've been blessed to attend, and it was a huge honor to be involved. It was also a very special blessing for our church, in that both the bride and groom had attended our church since childhood - how often does that happen, even in a large church? It's probably a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

In a lot of ways, this wedding also made up for some deficiencies in my own.... I didn't actually have anything to do with my own wedding (long story) - I just showed up and participated. And of course, even in normal situations, the bride doesn't see much of her own wedding. Joe didn't have anything to do with it either (not that guys want anything to do with it!). So this was a wedding in which we were actually able to participate, and it was a lot of fun. I loved it.

If I had my dating and courtship days to do over again, there are about a half-million things I would do differently. I have many regrets. It was nice to see a couple who did do it right when they had the chance, even if it made me wildly envious. Congratulations, H & B!!!!

The one embarrassing moment of the night was the discovery that I cannot help breaking down at weddings any more when I am coordinating than when I am not. Although I almost never cry in personal life, I break down completely at weddings and funerals (although I have had to get better at keeping my composure at funerals, since I play for so many of them), and this one was no exception. Normally that wouldn't be so bad, except that I was the coordinator, for goodness' sake, someone who of all people ought not to be crying, and I was crying in front of the whole wedding party as they exited!! Not to mention the beautiful snapshot the photographer got of me crying over H's shoulder!! Oh, dear.... Well, it was the one blemish in an otherwise perfect evening.

I was not at all nervous for my own wedding, but I certainly was for this one! But I actually had a blast and would love to do more. Joe has determined that we're going to go into business doing weddings, but I would prefer to keep it among friends.

So my second of three projects is done! (They are #1 - cake for K's shower, #2 - coordinating this wedding, and #3 - moving). We have a bid on a fourth house, which we should hear about in the first part of this coming week. We're not too hopeful on this one, but I would love to have this process OVER!!!! After that I will start packing and be busy, busy, busy with that for the next couple of months. Assuming we don't get pregnant in the meantime (very possible), we will then be free to try to get pregnant, if we want to. Aaackkkk!!!!! Nerve-wracking!!! But if we put it off too much past that, I shall come up with a whole new list of "projects," to wait through, and Caleb will be a ten-year-old before I get the guts to try again!!

Really, we ought to try now, as the church calendar drastically falls off over the summer (I'm the church secretary, so that matters big-time to my schedule) and it would be nice to be less-busy when I'm confronting the possibility of hyperemesis gravidarum. But I don't want to intentionally get pregnant before our move. I'll try to trust the Lord's timing!

Well, we all slept till 8:00 a.m. this morning - this is the first time I've gotten to sleep in in two years - ever since Caleb was born! Hurray!!! Well, considering that he was up till 11 p.m. last night, it's not surprising, although he has a habit of getting up earlier when he goes to bed extra-late. Thank goodness he didn't today!

Well, we're off to a busy weekend! Shopping, working, practicing, church, teaching, a grad party, and playing for a church service. I wish we could relax, but not this weekend! Next weekend!

Love to all!


  1. Diana,
    Thank you for the kind words. Yes, Wendi was our midwife, and I loved every bit of it, except the outcome. We are now in the process of adoption, because I have had two very complicated pregnancies. If we were to get pregnant again, I would have to do high risk, which I don't like the sound of. I could not do the Homebirth either.

    Good luck with everything-

  2. missed you this mornin! can't wait to hear about the newest house! The right one will come. Our house was #9. Our process to wait for a "yes" was faster than yours and I certainly hope it doesn't take you 9 but it was worth waiting for the right one. Yours will come too.


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