Sunday, April 27, 2008

Health Food????

Well, folks, I've got to say, in all honesty.... Our house STINKS. Really STINKS. And I'm not speaking philosophically or metaphorically - it smells terrible. You see, I've been on a quest to improve our diets by adding more probiotic foods to our food chain, a la The Maker's Diet, and one suggestion was fermented vegetables, which are just brimming over with beneficial bacteria. So I decided to make kimchee, which is a Korean condiment consisting of a blend of odorous vegetables, which is fermented at room temperature for a week. My bottle of kimchee is bubbling beautifully, but it is making itself known most unpleasantly. Joe got home from church today and said, "Okay, that's it. We're not having anyone over to the house until that stuff is out of here." I must admit, it does smell rather like.... well, fermented cabbage and onion, I suppose! Not to mention the garlic. Wow!! So unless this stuff is phenomenal, it won't be making another appearance in our home. I'm not sure we're even going to wait to see how it tastes - it may end up in the trash long before the week-waiting period.

I've decided that I need to get cracking on my diet again. If we do want to try for a baby sometime this summer, I need to get started on my "3 to 6 months" of diet preparation now. Our diet has improved dramatically since C. got here, I must say - plain oatmeal, raw milk, plain yogurt, and I've ditched almost all processed foods, plus artificial fats and sweeteners - but I still do have a raging sweet tooth which needs reigning in. So I need to start plugging away at it! If it gets me out of a repeat version of hyperemesis, it'll be worth it! (Not that I really think it will, but any little bit helps.)

Speaking of stinking houses, we lost our third bid this week (or are pretty sure we have). We found out that our beautiful little house has no fewer than eight bids on it, and ours is, sad to say, not the highest. Miracles are still possible, but not likely. I am really getting tired of this process! I trust the Lord to give us what he wants for a home, but I do kind of wish we could get through the process a little more quickly. We've been looking for almost a full year now! And it is so emotionally draining to fall in love with a home, put a bid on it, wait for weeks and then hear that one has, once again, lost it. So this coming week we have to begin the process once again with house #4. I hope that it is over soon!!!

Well, Caleb is showing great impatience with my blogging - and I can't blame him! Later!

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