Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Pretty Amazing

First of all, I should observe that my efforts to update this blog regularly are failing miserably!! This time it's been well over a week. Well, I do my best. With some major projects going on, including an attempted house purchase, even that is an accomplishment! One simply doesn't get a lot of auxillary projects done with a veerrryy active toddler running about!

Anyhow, I seem to be noticing lately that watching God move is simply a matter of paying attention. In other words, God is moving all the time, but we will not notice it if we aren't paying attention. I love what Beth Moore says about watching for "God STOPs" (Savor The Observable Presence) - that is, being attentive and ready to notice God moving in one's life, and how he is orchestrating everything for our good and for his will. Not to mention just noticing God's majesty in creation!

Anyhow, an example of this in my life this week.....

Joe and I were at our midwife's annual client picnic which she gives each year for present and past clients of hers. We were over at the swing set with Caleb, and Joe and I happened to fall into conversation with a mum who was there with a couple of her kiddos (including a new 6-week old!). As part of an entirely different conversation, he mentioned casually about my experience with HG, and we immediately learned that this wonderful woman had dealt with HG twice!!! Wow!!! I wasn't even out there looking for other HG mums, and this one just fell into my lap! How exciting is that! We got to share some details of our experiences, and are going to be corresponding and sharing stories in more depth. Her experience seems to be unique in that she didn't have HG with her first pregnancy - just normal morning sickness. Then she had "mild" HG with her second (if HG can EVER be said to be "mild") and life-threatening HG with her third, who was born just six weeks ago. (Most women of whom I have heard who have dealt with HG have had it with their first and all subsequent babies.)

This is actually the first time that I've been able to converse in person about HG with another mum who had it. I've emailed with Ashli McCall, and I know of two other ladies who have had it. One is the friend of a church friend, whom I've never met, but who had life-threatening HG. Another is the sister-in-law of two ladies at church who had HG severely enough to be hospitalized several times (as her idiotic insurance, as usual, wouldn't pay for HG meds). I have met this lady once, briefly, at a birthday party, but wasn't able to ask her about her experience - it was just too short of an acquaintance to dive into it at a social function. So meeting my first real HG mum in person was a wonderful opportunity! I am really looking forward to hearing her story.

So God moves in wonderful ways! I went to a picnic to have fun, and ended up coming home with a new acquaintance and a wealth of new information! I will share any information that she gives me permission to share here in coming weeks.

Well, I'd better get going! After a very tiring morning cleaning the home of a dear friend whose renters have absolutely beaten their beautiful home to a pulp, I am off to choir practice!! And houseguests tomorrow!!!

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