Friday, April 4, 2008

And We Wait......

Well, our second house just fell through!

So disappointing. I had really hoped that this was "the one." Kind of like serial dating. I'm so tired of looking - we've been looking for almost a year.

Our first house actually still has our bid waiting - it's been about two months. We just got word that it is going up for action in May, so I guess they found our bid wanting. We haven't decided if we should bid on it or not.

Our second house (a foreclosure, the one that just fell through).... Well, our bid had been accepted, and the inspection was going to be on Monday. My parents came out yesterday and did their own "inspection" this morning with our realtor, and after they were through, they all agreed it was a no-go. The things they found would fill a book. Mold, bad plumbing, nonworking electric things, non-permitted add-ons, non-working AC, abuse, poor workmanship, etc. etc. So we are back to the drawing board.

We're limited by our income (a 150K house is our upper limit, in an area where houses under 200K are almost nonexistent), and by the fact that I don't want to move to far-far-far outlying areas such as Casa Grande, Maricopa, and Queen Creek. My parents want us to move far out to get a good price, and hubby is willing also, so it makes it three against one, which has been rather awkward and unpleasant. But honestly, what is the point of having a nice house for a good price when (1) you have to lose all of your friends, plus your church, to do it, and (2) you totally make up the savings in what you spend in gas???? So it's an endless argument.

Hopefully this whole process will be over soon. I hate not being able to make plans because we're always "going to be moving."

What does this have to do with HG? Answer: Nothing!! I just felt like venting!!!

Actually, it has quite a bit to do with my HG journey. On my huge, 10-page-long checklist of "things to do before getting pregnant," one of the big things is figuring out our housing situation (i.e. purchasing, packing, moving, unpacking, doing major repairs) before we even THINK about getting pregnant. Having HG and moving are just NOT compatible!!! (Of course, with the accuracy with which we use NFP, we may not have a choice! LOL) So having our house fall through pushes our second pregnancy even further into the future (barring divine intervention, of course). Kind of disappointing! Of course, considering how much I fear pregnancy, I wasn't dying to jump into another one anyway, but I did want to give Caleb a sibling before he starts school!! Their age difference would be considerable even if we conceived today.

Sometime I think I'll publish my "to do before pregnancy" list here as a blog entry. It might be of use to other post-HG mums considering another pregnancy.

Also on the discouraging side has been my first venture into the childbirth community. I have started trying something out, but have been experiencing unexpected complications due to various factors (I won't go more into it than that to avoid being too personal). But it has been very discouraging.

Although I know that childbirth is a lifelong passion, I simply can't figure out where I fit into the childbirth community. The main options are midwife, doula, and childbirth educator. After that it's harder - one has to work out an individual niche rather than following the roads more commonly traveled. I simply can't figure out where I fit in. I'm somewhat content to just watch and learn for now, but I don't want to remain in limbo forever - I need a niche.

So it hasn't been the most encouraging week! Hopefully things will start looking up soon! For now I'd better sign off, as Caleb is getting antsy in his high chair, having finished his lunch.

Love to all!!

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  1. I'm so sorry the house was such a bust! Our friends are in a similar situation with a similar budget to yours, so it's not just you! I know the right house in the right location will come along at the right time! Lilies and sparrows, dear friend! And if it matters, I'm on "your side" about the moving farther out argument, but I don't think I get a vote ;)


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