Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Pretty Awesome!

Today I've got to write about the coolest thing - getting an email yesterday from Ashli McCall, who is my hero in the world of hyperemesis gravidarum. She has been through this nightmare four times, and her experiences with this monster make it look like I'm whining about a mild sneeze. She's got the best HG blog on the web (and unfortunately one of the only HG blogs on the web):


If you have a few minutes, you've GOT to check this blog out and read her entries, because it is magnificent. One of the only day-by-day accounts of hyperemesis out there. I read it a year or two ago and have admired her ever since.

Ashli also wrote a book which I plan to read soon, "Beyond Morning Sickness," which is a compilation of HG stories (among other things). Here is the description from the website:

"Over 50,000 American women are hospitalized annually due to hyperemesis gravidarum. Some terminate wanted pregnancies because of the debilitation of the disease, lack of information and the lack of social and medical support. Consisting of medical data and personal stories, Beyond Morning Sickness provides information on treatment options, validates the disease experience, and offers insight that can enable caregivers to better meet the needs of sufferers."

Here's the link for the website:


I'll post a review here in my blog after reading it, because it's probably the best resource for HG women - I don't think there are any other books out there devoted solely to this condition.

Anyhow, I had emailed her with my own blog, and she was very encouraging about it. I also compared notes with her as to the comments and weird looks that I/we get when saying that I'm afraid of getting pregnant again because of morning sickness, and how frustrating they can be. (If I've sent you this link, you haven't said any of these things, so worry not!!) Here are some of them: (1) "Oh, everyone is sick with their first baby. You'll be fine." (2) "You probably won't get it again. Quit worrying." or (3) A variety of odd looks which all mean, "Come on, lady. We all get morning sickness, so shut up, quit whining, suck it up and deal with it like we all do."

The problem is that almost every woman in the world has dealt with some form of nausea, queasiness or vomiting during her pregnancy, or known someone who has. It's extremely common. So trying to tell people that you are downright terrified of morning sickness gets one the same looks that one would get if, say, one said that one was considering suicide rather than endure another head cold. LOL!!!! If one had cancer and told people that one was dealing with horrible chemo-induced nausea, people would immediately understand, but pregnancy-induced nausea is considered by 99% of the population to be manageable. Pretty much the only way one can understand it is by having it. My friend J. has blogged about some of the hurtful comments that people give infertile and/or adoptive couples, such as, "But don't you want any of your own children?" or "What will you do about the children's real parents?" etc. etc. etc. And people do that all the time with grieving people (I know I have!), i.e. "He's in a better place," etc. etc. etc. So I guess that every life condition has its own insulting/hurtful comments to go along with it. Joe knows that if he wants to get me good and mad, all he has to do is say, "Oh, come off it - you won't get sick again, so stop worrying and just get pregnant." After that, I just jump him. :)

But anyhow, I have wandered far afield. It was just so awesome to connect with another HG mum - I don't really know any others. I am looking forward to reading her book very much. But I was so pumped to connect with her! Check out her awesome websites!!!

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