Sunday, January 24, 2016

Just for Fun!

Okay, everyone!

This is totally irrelevant (to anything) and is just for fun.

(1) Take the seasons - spring, summer, fall, winter - and number them from one to four, with one being your favorite and four being your least favorite.

(2) Now take the four times of the day - morning, midday, evening, night - and do the same.

(*Pause while I wait for you to do this - no fair scrolling down till you do!*)

If you look at seasons and times of day, they mirror each other in a cyclical fashion:

Winter = Night
Spring = Morning
Summer = Midday
Fall = Evening

Okay, now here's my question for you:

Do your preferences line up?

In other words, does your order of preference for the seasons mirror your order of preference for times of the day?

(i.e. If your favorite season is winter, the corresponding favorite time of day would be night - if your preferences correspond. If they don't correspond, your favorite season might be winter while your favorite time of day might be morning.)

My preferences align perfectly, and I wondered if other people's preferences would align as well. Here's how mine go, from favorite to least liked:

(1) Fall - Evening
(2) Winter - Night
(3) Spring - Morning
(4) Summer - Midday

This was just for fun! Feel free to let me know!


  1. They do line up for me, and I'm very simple. I like them in order from earliest to latest.

    1. So your favorite is morning-spring, and your least favorite is winter-night?? Very neat. I'm guessing that a lot of people are going to line up, just because the cycle parts between days and years are so similar. :)

  2. Mine don't line up at all. :) Here are my preferences:


    But look, you and I line of for favorite seasons perfectly.

    1. Well, shucks - there goes my well-planned social theory! LOL!! But hey, it was just for fun anyway. Love seeing another with my favorite seasons!!! :)

  3. Mine only partially line up.

    Spring - Evening
    Winter - Night
    Fall - Morning
    Summer - Midday

    1. Yours are fascinating! In terms of being lined up, only the spring-evening and fall-morning are reversed, which is fascinating - you like the growing light of spring but the waning light of evening. Interesting!!

    2. More like, I like pretty flowers, cool weather, and sunsets :)

    3. Ah, let us not be prosaic! - let's spout some psychobabble to sound sophisticated! :)

      But if we must, flowers, cool weather and sunsets it is! :)

  4. Fall - Morning
    Spring - Evening
    Summer - Night
    Winter - Midday

    I guess you could say for me, each season is paired with my favorite time of day in that season - the crisp mornings of Fall, the lengthening evenings of Spring, the warm nights of Summer, and the bright middays of Winter.

    It was hard to pick favorites though. I'm really bad at picking favorites of anything to be honest...

    - Kristina (since my Wordpress account doesn't show my name on Blogger comments)

    1. And it used my google account to publish the comment despite me trying not to select that option about five times... sigh, whatever :)

    2. "the crisp mornings of Fall, the lengthening evenings of Spring, the warm nights of Summer, and the bright middays of Winter."

      I love your choices! What a nice way to think about it! I must confess that I love those same times.

      I'm so glad to hear your voice - I miss seeing you!! :)

      P.S. I have the same problem with comments and Google accounts. :)


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