Friday, January 15, 2016

Article: "How I'm Getting Rid of Debilitating Morning Sickness"

Today I want to share with you a post from Graceful Abandon:

How I'm Getting Rid of Debilitating Morning Sickness

Sounds good, right?

It is!

She writes:
"[W]hat I’ve been suffering from is beyond morning sickness.  It’s not the normal queasy and puking I’ve experienced three times before.  This time around I’ve been vomiting between ten and fifteen times a day.  I lost 7 lbs in three days when it started and have lost steadily since then.  And that has been with taking Zofran to help.  I’ve also experienced a slew of other “delightful” symptoms that I won’t gross you out by sharing.

"What do I have?  I have morning sickness on steroids.  It’s known as Hypermesis Gravidarum (HG).  It means I’m dehydrated, my internal balances are thrown off, my body isn’t getting the nutrients it needs for the baby, I’m miserable, and I can barely function.  We have six children other than this one we are anticipating, and I haven’t been able to eat a meal with them in over a month because I’m always in the bathroom.  I’ve barely been able to be human, let alone a fun mom who can play with them and snuggle with them.  This has challenged my life in a way I never imagined pregnancy could.  Many have said they understand, but unless you spend more time hugging a toilet than doing anything else in your day — you just don’t.  I was at my wits’ end."

After researching her condition in light of H. pylori infection and developing her own treatment protocol, her symptoms improved greatly:
"Today, day 3, I am excited to announce that I have eaten and kept down 3 full meals, 1 snack, and a small smoothie so far.  I haven’t done any of those things in 2 months.  TWO MONTHS of pain, vomiting, tears, emotional distress, not eating with my family."

Awesome stuff! Check out the whole article here.

Thanks to the author for posting her experience!

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