Saturday, August 29, 2015

Tidbits and Snippets for August 29th

Books Unhealthy for Children (Recent Newberry, Caldecott, and YA) - Sadly, this has been true for many years - and parents need to be aware of this. (Deep Roots at Home)

Seven Times the Son of Hell - "Here are some things that I see among those who are producing converts who are perhaps not just twice, but seven times the sons of Hell that they are." (Get Along Home)

Why Pregnancy Before Marriage Isn't a Sin - "We tend to use words like 'unwanted' for a pregnancy that is unplanned. But every baby is wanted by God. He/she is knitted together in a womb, and Jesus has died for that child." (Single Matters)

Being Intentional With Our Words - "I remember years ago telling a close friend, “I should just yell at him the first time.  He only listens when I yell anyway. Why not just get to it?”  I was 21, my first child was not quite 3.  I’m so thankful I didn’t take my own advice and just yell every time I wanted my sweet boy to obey!" (Raising Homemakers)

Decluttering: The First Steps to Organization - I'm looking forward to catching Erika's video workshop on this subject. (Large Families on Purpose)

Rest for the Weary - "It’s that time of year. Other parents are sharing their success stories, whether with homeschooling or getting the kids back to school so they can have some fun-happy posts all over your feed, in your friends’ Facebook statuses, in your neighbor’s faces, in conversations at church. But you are in a slump. You are not having successes. You feel like a total failure. You read those words and silently talk back to me, 'I don’t feel like a failure, I am one!'”  (The Common Room)

The 5 Tiers of Homeschooling - Funny! And for us, accurate! Which tier fits your family? Can you guess which tier fits our family? (My 32 Cents)

From the Recipe Box

After reading "Merry Christmas, Amelia Bedelia!" the children wanted to make popcorn balls. It sounded like fun, but I had no interest in wrestling with boiling sugar syrup and candy thermometers (an activity which has resulted in guaranteed disaster every single time I try).

Thankfully, there's a better way! Try these popcorn balls, which are basically a popcorn-variant on Rice Krispie Treats. Total time from start to finish was less than ten minutes. I made a half-recipe, which was perfect for one adult and the two voracious critters also known as the 9yo and the 3yo.

 Dear readers, have a wonderful Sabbath!

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