Saturday, August 1, 2015

Tidbits and Snippets for August 1st

18 Ways to Cope When Your Husband Travels - With my husband now on a corporate job schedule, I need to apply some of these to my normal day! (My Joy-Filled Life)

Hope for When You Regret the Past - I think this applies to almost all of us. (Like Mother, Like Daughter)

6 Things My Kids Are Not Allowed to Say to Adults - I'm ashamed to say that I've let some of these go. Definitely an area that I am going to work on. (Imperfect Homemaker)

Reform and Renewal Starts With Us - One of the best articles I've read lately on the culture war - absolutely true while maintaining a strong sense of humor and grace. Protestants, change the cultural references to meet denominational mores. (Crisis Magazine, hat tip to Like Mother, Like Daughter)
"Will it take a while? It will take longer if you complain about how long it takes. Begin."
Pregnancy as a Chisel - Linking again because it's just so good. "Trials will either drive us to throw ourselves into his loving arms, or they will make us bitter people.  We will be chiseled to grow in humility and thankfulness because of them, or we will be driven further into the growing abyss of resentfulness and self-pity." (In the Nursery of the Nation)

We Will Not Bow - John MacArthur really takes the prize with this excellent and straight-forward sermon. Don't miss it - available in both audio and written transcript. (Grace to You, hat tip to
"No human court has the authority to redefine morality. But this human court has said murder is not murder; and marriage is not marriage; and family is not family. They have usurped the authority that belongs only to God, who is the creator of life, marriage, and family. Any and all attempts to define morality differently than God has is a form of rebellion and blasphemy—blasphemy against God, against His holy nature, and His holy law, and His holy people."
One more quote:
"The objective is not simply to redefine gender. The objective is not simply to redefine marriage. The objective is to destroy what God has designed.
"Families provide a small, sovereign unit that acts as a small barrier against the corruption that seeks to dominate. Shatter the family, destroy the family and the small sovereign barrier is disintegrated. And by the way, the goal in all of this—you need to be reading to see this—the goal in all of this is not homosexual, same-sex marriage. The goal is the total elimination of all marriage, which then means you don’t possess any privacy. You don’t have that small, sovereign unit, and your children are not yours. They’re public children and they belong to the education system; and they belong to the country; and they belong to the village—but not to you. And so, when they’re fifteen in the state of Oregon they can have a sex change without telling their parents—and the state will do it and pay for it.
"This is not about same-sex marriage. This is about the total obliteration of the family."
I'd like to quote more, but I'd end up quoting the entire article. Go and read it!

Dear readers, have a wonderful week. Love to you all!


"Pray like the pilgrim you are.  That goes without saying. If you pray for ten minutes a day, pray for fifteen. But pray with a clearer aim. Remember that you are going somewhere. Its name, in one sense, is the grave. The whole world is in mad denial of that plain fact. It turns to the garish and obscene, lest it have to consider the quiet grassy mound and the stone with a few words on it. Be different. You are on the way. Take heart, and don the hat of the pilgrim. Do not be like those who have no hope. Jesus has gone before us to prepare a place. Will you have to repent of having sometimes gotten on the carousel of the world? Repent of it then. Begin."
~ Anthony Esolen ~ 

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