Thursday, August 27, 2015

Tidbits and Snippets for August 27th

The Home Atmosphere We Crave - Great reminders and encouragement here. (Raising Arrows)

Ashley Madison and Who You Are Online - "One of the great deceptions of the Internet is that it allows us to think there are two parts to us, the part who exists in real time and space, and the part who exists in cyberspace. But... who you really are will eventually find you out. God will not be mocked." (

I Survived Roe vs. Wade - "All of America needs to don sackcloth and ashes. Pray for these mothers; pray for these doctors; pray for every lover of death who clamors for “choice”; pray for every politician with blood-soaked hands; pray for every fornicating man and woman who risks bringing into existence a life that they are unwilling to nurture; for every married couple that wants to have their fun and career, regardless of the consequence to their souls when they reject the natural blessings of their union." (Get Along Home)

Rivalry and Unity: Getting Along With Siblings - "If you have siblings, you probably have rivalry." Why, yes. Yes. We do. (Raising Real Men)

Mama, This Is YOUR Homeschool - Five years in, I still find myself struggling against the beast of homeschool information overload. Good words here. (My Joy-Filled Life)

Dear readers, have a wonderful week!

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