Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Tidbits and Snippets for July 22nd

Get the Digital Baby Monitor Out of the Nursery - Well, crumbs. Just after we bought our first one (and can't return it). (Deep Roots at Home)

Planned Parenthood Sells Baby Parts - What surprises me is that this surprises anyone. (Get Along Home)
"In our day, murder, as long as it is “legal”, is just a distasteful thing that has to be done, while a dozen other, lesser sins are considered to be utterly unconscionable. It’s not the deaths of the babies that are outrageous, but the subsequent selling of the parts. After all, that is illegal.
"That’s like saying the Jews probably needed to go in a lot of cases, and maybe just a few were unnecessarily killed, but the real horror was in the theft of their property and making lampshades of their skin. Yes, the Nazis were bad for murdering so many Jews, but if it had been illegal to then use the remains for lamps, surely they wouldn’t have done that. They only go as far as they’re legally allowed! When what they are legally allowed is the absolute worst they could do to a person, we certainly can’t expect them to behave in an “ethical” way afterwards, can we?
"Why shouldn’t they, and we, benefit further? The babies are dead anyway, aren’t they?
"And we wonder why God is rapidly dismantling our nation. Come quickly, Lord Jesus."
(Read the whole article.) 
On the same topic, don't miss this excellent article - Preserving the Precious, Protecting the Weak (Ready to Be Offered)

Life Hack - I needed to read this. I hope that it blesses you too! (Contentment Acres)
Also, don't miss her great piece on doing housework with children. Oh, goodness, is this an area of my life that needs work!
Truth and Beauty: Rebuilding Culture By Doing the Next Thing - The material and pertinent points apply to both Protestants and Catholics. (Wildflowers and Marbles)

From the Bookshelf

Humanae Vitae

I've read about it for years - now I need to actually read it.

The Return of the King

My easy reading for the month.


The Well-Trained Mind

I started it, panicked, quit, and sent it back to the library. Now I'm starting again from the beginning. This is an excellent book, even if it does have the tendency to induce hyperventilation in homeschool mamas.

Birthing God's Mighty Warriors

This is a fascinating book. Besides decrying what seems to me an overuse of italicized print, I agree with a vast majority of it. There are some theological points on which I disagree (or just question), and it's obvious that the author and I come from different Christian subcultures (she seems to be more the charismatic type; I'm more of the don't you dare ask me to lift my hands during worship type). But aside from that, this is an excellent text, and I recommend it.

The Wheel on the School

A children's read-aloud from our history program. I am enjoying this thoroughly! Yet another children's classic that I missed during my own childhood and am now getting to enjoy. The wonderful joys of having children!

Have a wonderful week, dear readers!


  1. I love The Wheel on the School--so do my kids. :) You gave me a lot to think about this morning . . .


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