Friday, July 31, 2015

Pregnancy as a Chisel: For Mamas With Hard Pregnancies

I absolutely love Bambi's post from yesterday, Pregnancy as a Chisel. As a woman who has struggled with very difficult pregnancies, her article speaks straight to my heart. I think it will speak to a lot of you ladies out there - especially those of you who are hyperemesis mamas.

She writes:
"[N]o pregnancy is easy even on the "easiest" day.  It has a chiseling effect on us, as any change of life or health does, either forming us further into the image of Jesus or marring us into a fretful, complaining, distorted chunk of bitterness that makes us miserable, as well as those who have to live with us.  Some of the most humble and compassionate Christians I know, are ones who have walked through physical trials...or multiple or seriously difficult pregnancies, and emerged with lessons painfully learned and applied."

And again:
"God does not owe us an easy life.  Nowhere in His Word does he say that. And faith means caring more about what we can't see than what we can. It is so easy to coast along in our own strength until we are brought face to face with our weakness.  And our physical health is so inextricably linked with the spiritual, that often when God sees fit to deal a blow to one, it affects the other greatly.  But anything that causes us to recognize our neediness is good."

Especially catch the quote from J.R. Miller - so appropriate here.

As a small side note, I completely agree with her statement that each pregnancy helps her to understand her body and her health better.
"[W]ith each pregnancy, I understand my own body a little better and how to take care of myself. More importantly, previous pregnancies have taught me that good health is not to be taken for granted and could change tomorrow."

I could not agree more.

Make sure catch the whole article!


  1. This reminds me of how a cute friend of mine (who does not suffer from HG) pointed out as she studied scripture that it rained on Noah for 40 days and 40 nights, Jesus fasted in the wilderness for 40 days, the Israelites wandered in the wilderness for 40 years, and a pregnancy lasts 40 weeks. When Heavenly Father teaches us about suffering and triumph or learning lessons or refining His people enough to know Him, He uses a period of time related to 40. Isn't that fascinating?

    1. It is indeed absolutely fascinating. And I've thought a lot about the significance of 40.

      For example, in one book on postpartum health that I read, the author (whose name I unfortunately cannot remember) emphasized the fact that most traditional cultures used a 40 day postpartum rest period for the mother.

      And even in modern society, we use a six-week time period (basically 40 days) for many uses - it's a very commonly used time period.

      Important things come in forties! :)


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