Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Goals for March-April 2015

I'm still on a blogging break! Really! I'm just stopping by, and then I will get back to work. 

This year, I had phenomenal success with my New Year's resolutions. Why? Here's what I learned to do that has made all the difference:

I wrote my resolutions as achievable goals. 

Most New Year's resolutions are written as lofty but unattainable goals, meaning that they can never be completed, finished and checked off. For example:
  • Read more Shakespeare
  • Improve my Bible study habits
  • Write to my aunt more often

Good intentions, but impossible to complete or measure.

But this time, I wrote my resolutions as specific, attainable goals. Here are a couple:

  • Write one letter to my aunt 
  • Buy one maternity skirt
  • Fill out my Christmas to-do notebook 

I made my resolutions to cover only a two-month span (instead of an entire year), and I was actually able to complete almost all of them. (Getting the carpets cleaned didn't get done, but I have accepted that that is one item on my to-do list that may never get done. Or if it does, it will be a miracle.)

This method worked so well that I have decided to continue it! I hope to post my bi-monthly (achievable!) goal list on my blog so that you all can see what I'm doing. 

Love to you all, dear readers! I'll be back in another week or two when I finish my book-list update project!


Goals for March and April 2015


  • Write a letter to Aunt M.
  • Email my aunt and uncle
  • Audit my list of supplements
  • Research supplement purchases
    • Amazon
  • Lose the baby weight 
  • Go shopping for clothes after losing baby weight
  • Find several keto dessert recipes
  • Write 3 thank-you notes for G's birthday gifts
    • Grandma and Grandpa (boots/hat/truck book)
    • Grandma and Grandpa (money for open gym)
    • Aunt/Uncle (money for water bottle and aquarium)


  • Freeze lemon juice
  • Zest lemons for mom
  • Get the carpets cleaned 
  • Clean out master closet
  • Rearrange master closet for clothing storage 
  • Set up storage in master closet
  • Celebrate April Fool's Day 
  • Celebrate Easter (dye eggs, Benjamin's Box, Jello Eggs, egg hunt, church on Good Friday and Easter)
  • Celebrate St. Patrick's Day (corned beef and cabbage, green ice cream, Irish soda bread, green cookies)
  • Celebrate Uncle T's birthday (mail card and cookies, call)


  • Finalize curriculum choices for 2015
    • History
    • Science
  • Make a summer break notebook
  • Develop a new chore schedule to start over summer break
  • Finish the school year
  • Enjoy our summer break
  • Clean out homeschool cupboard
  • Clean out homeschool shelf
  • Make list of supplies needed
  • Purchase supplies
  • Finish all end-of-the-year book-keeping
  • Curriculum summaries
  • Copies of records for student notebooks
  • Write semi-annual goal sheet for students for next year
  • Create C's weekly checklist for next year
  • Order curriculum (English and math)
  • Get out piano teaching materials, review

Have a lovely week, dear readers! 

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