Saturday, February 7, 2015

Around Here, February 2015

Just a few notes of what's been going on around here...

My husband attended a local conference for family-integrated churches! - It was wonderful! He got to hear Voddie Baucham speak four or five times, plus other local pastors. This is an awesome annual conference, and we hope he'll be able to attend every year.

This year the 8yo went with him, which was wonderful! I can't say that the 8yo was thrilled to listen to session after session of speakers, but he was delighted to have so many children to play with between sessions. I'm dying of envy that I wasn't able to go, but maybe sometime!

We had rain! Really! - And not typical "Arizona rain," in which the sky is clearing up even while the clouds desperately try to give us a few minutes of drizzle before dispersing, but real rain. It actually stayed cloudy for two days!

And not only that, but the day afterwards we had.... FOG! Real fog! We get fog about once every other year, and this was the best I've seen yet in this area. We even had to stop to take pictures - that's how excited we were.

The 3yo insisted on dressing up for the occasion - a period hat, ear muffs, and gardening gloves. Proper Sunday attire, for sure.

Now, if we could only have this two or three hundred days out of the year, I'd be set.

Our final Christmas decorations came down! - Really! My husband and I were so proud of ourselves. Like I said, it's usually at least April or May before we achieve this miracle. We felt much better. 

Next we're we're thinking of getting a real tree just to save all the hassle of tying up the artificial one and stuffing it back in its box every year. 

Helping Daddy. 

I'm still off of Facebook! No plans to go back, but it's a waiting game. I'm now at the point (six weeks in) when I caved last time, so we'll see where this adventure goes from here. I had my husband change my password and then deactivate my account, so at least I've got a few safeguards against temptation.

And finally... baby smiles! - Baby has been delighting us these past few weeks with the most charming smiles. She is such a darling! She is also getting quite mobile and is showing sides of wanting to turn on her side. Toddlerhood is not far away!

Have a wonderful Sabbath, dear readers!


  1. Oh my goodness, she is adorable! And the 3 year old on the ladder? Love it! Daddy's helpers are so fun.

  2. I've never thought your 3 boys look like each other. I've always thought it was so cool that the same set of genes could combine in so many cute ways. Greta, however, looks like Caleb to me. It's the first strong resemblance I've noticed in your kids. It's so neat to see how creative God is!

  3. Well, crumbs, guys! I just typed out responses to both of your comments, but they didn't come through because I was signed into the wrong account. To summarize - thank you for your sweet comments!!!

  4. My kids are standing around ooohing and aaahing over your cute girl. :) Me. too.

    Your conference sounds fun. I've been hungry for a good, inspiring conference of some sort--really I need a homeschool convention to help me get going again.

    I love your enthusiasm over fog . . . kind of like ours over crisp, sunny days with a perfect breeze.

    1. Ah, shucks - you all are too sweet!!

      Fog - yes, pretty much! Around here, my husband tend to groan over crisp sunny days... because they mean that our eight-month summer is on its way! No!!!!! :)


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