Sunday, May 18, 2014

Pregnancy Journal (Weeks 12-13)

As I mentioned previously, I have kept a daily journal since week three - I just haven't published them! I thought this one might be of interest, being recent, so here it is!

No fair judging on grammar, spelling, or the basic rules of logic. My brain is still gone, people!

Here ya go:

May 4 - May 17, 2014

12w0d - The two week countdown is ON - and then farewell, first trimester! Yay!

Today was a rough day. Felt yuck, and BOY am I spacey. I can see it when I reread these journal entries. My brain is at least 50% toast. I hope it comes back soon!

Looking forward to seeing our midwife on Thursday!

Having come to the unfortunate conclusion that I really don't like the math we're using, I am scrambling madly to find a new math curriculum before school starts. Right now the vote is heading toward Christian Light. But don't hold your breath - this morning it was Rod and Staff, and yesterday it was Horizons. Goodness.

12w1d - So-so day. Really looking forward to seeing our midwife and hearing baby's heartbeat in three days!!!!

12w2d - (Forgot to journal.)

12w3d - Better-than-average morning!

Yesterday I had a better morning but an awful evening. I think I forgot to eat often enough, and then really paid for it. Today I have tried to remember to keep eating, even when the nausea doesn't prompt me.

Yesterday I made myself my low-carb cheesecake. YUM. I'd better be careful, though, because I can eat inordinate quantities of it. Eating a cheesecake a day could possibly have detrimental effects!

Tomorrow we see our midwife! Really hoping for twins! (Not that we'd be able to tell at 12 weeks, but still hoping.)

Two new pregnancy symptoms (over the past week or two) - Insomnia and headaches.

12w4d - "Eh" sort of day. More cheesecake. Always more cheesecake.

Off to our midwife's in an hour and a half! If I can make it through the appointment (or even till we get there) it will be a triumph! Right now I am so tired that even breathing is an effort. Seriously. Will post to the blog when we get home.

12w5d - Yesterday's midwife visit went very well! Heard baby's heartbeat (yay!) and had a fun time getting to see our midwife again.

Her one concern was the fact that I am very much in ketosis. I hadn't confirmed that before (though knew it was a possibility), but my urinalysis definite showed that. Opinions are divided on the safety of ketosis in pregnancy. She would prefer that I up my carb level to get out of ketosis, but I'm very nervous about triggering HG - like I did last time. We'll see.

Today I had all the fun of announcing our wee one on Facebook, and last night on this blog.

Speaking of Facebook. I'm totally re-addicted. Not posting much, but just a stalker-junkie. And I've been spending waaayyy too much time staring blankly at the computer screen. Yet another bad habit to reform as I (hopefully soon) gain my brain and energy back.

12w6d - Today I had a super-busy morning. I cooked breakfast for the family (wow!) and then we all went over to a curriculum sale. The funny thing was that when we got there, there was nothing left. The woman had decided to offer all of the things for free, and she said that everything was basically gone within 15 minutes. So much for that!

When I got home, I absolutely crashed. Talk about overdoing it (compared to my current routine of creeping through the house and collapsing on various items of furniture). I felt pretty good and yuck the rest of the day. The big question - was it because I overdid it this morning, or because I've been more liberal in my carb allowance for the past 36 hours, remembering my midwife's request? Not that I've gone nuts, but I allowed myself two bites of a burrito, extra blueberries, and some ketchup. Or was it a combination of the two? But I'm rather nervous. I do NOT want to undo the hard work I've done simply by overindulging in carbs prematurely.

A big thing that I forgot to mention - wee baby flutters, starting this past Monday!! (12w1d) Yay! My very favorite thing in the entire world. It always starts off very lightly, and they're difficult to detect, but they're definitely there. Anxiously awaiting the wonderful (and more definite) kicks of a month or two down the road!!

13w0d - Thrilled to be at THIRTEEN WEEKS! Only six more days left in the first trimester!! YES! Not that that means anything, but it always feels better to leave that behind.

Today was a rotten day. Was it a coincidence? Was it the fact that I've been just a wee bit looser with carbs?? I don't know, but I am thinking of going back to where I was - meaning no more ketchup on my scrambled eggs. (*Sigh*) Ketosis may be debatable, but HG is NOT. It is 100% bad. I'm not going to risk going backwards with NVP just for a few measly carbs.

Today was Mother's Day. Didn't do much other than skip church (haven't been in over two months now) and lie on the couch staring at the walls. Oh, the excitement!

13w1d - Better day overall. I even printed out a to-do list for the week (trying to get ready for next week's supposed beginning of our school year) and managed to do a few things on it! Goodness, it will be a miracle if I can be ready (and sufficiently energetic and motivated) by then. If not, well, summer may be extended by a week.

13w2d - Getting through the week! Today was definitely a better day. The fog feels like it is gradually lifting.

Today I spent some time filing last term's papers and am trying to do my best to work through the essentials for starting the school year on Monday. I am thinking of starting with essentials (math) and giving myself an extra week before we dive into history and science. Our new math curriculum arrived today (Christian Light), and I absolutely adore it. Yum. Soooo much better than what we were using!! I can't wait to start!

Today I did something I haven't done in months - made a meal plan! Wow! Not too ambitious, just four simple meals, but better than these past months have been. What do you know, I might even start cooking sometime! Goodness.

13w3d - Last night was such a good night that I was worried sick that something was wrong! We're really improving here! Today was a good day too. I ended up really overdoing it trying to prepare our dusty house for a visit from family. Vacuuming, mopping, dishes, bathrooms - I ended up passing out on the bed for an hour after that, but was thankful that the house looked semi-presentable for family. And I was able to be a somewhat decent hostess, too!

Lots of wee baby kicks - tiny, but there!

I have decided that I'm comfortable staying in ketosis. But hopefully a teaspoon of ketchup with eggs isn't too risky! DH thinks I shouldn't... but it's so tempting!

Thirteen weeks. No Zofran. Wow.

13w4d - Harder day, but only to be expected after really overdoing it these past two days.

13w5d - Eh sort of day. BUT did manage to inch a bit closer to being ready for school to start. Hurray for that!

13w6d - Another "eh" day.

But. Let me qualify. I really am getting a lot better. I'm having periods of the day that are productive, AND I've now made a real dinner (i.e. I cooked!) three days in a row. Tacos, hamburger casserole, and taco soup. At thirteen weeks! Are you impressed?? So life is definitely improving. It's just slow.

And I need to mention two words. Again.


I haven't even been tempted. I've felt crummy, but it just hasn't been that bad. Maybe... 5% of HG levels? Miserable but doable. Wow.

One thing I'm not managing to do well is leaving the house. I've now tried it two or three times. Each time I'm exhausted, nauseated, and completely out-of-it, and I completely collapse when we get home. And these are for easy outings! Today we went to a store, stayed for ten minutes, and came home. Complete collapse, as usual. Looks like it'll be a while before we're rejoining park days and field trips, especially with the heat, which make outings twenty times harder anyway.

One interesting note - my carb cravings are now gone. Now, rather, I find the thought of carb-rich foods rather repulsive. Very odd.

I'm a tad nervous about pelvic pain/instability issues. I can really feel my pelvic bones moving when I'm walking - it's gotten worse with each babe, and I'm nervous about the fact that it started so early (mid-first trimester). What's it going to be by the third trimester? Yikes!!

Counting the minutes till the end of the first trimester!


  1. Whew! How exciting that you don't need that Zofran! I wish you joy as you do math and keep growing that baby.

  2. Hi there!

    I came across your blog and wanted to reach out to you. We are casting a new TV series about unexpected pregnancies and I thought you may be interested. The show is for a national cable network and will chronicle the challenges and triumphs of families or women who are experiencing unplanned pregnancies.

    If you, or someone you know, is a good fit for this series, please reach out to us or pass along our contact info!

    If you have zero interest in writing me back, please just disregard this message. If you'd like to know more, please email

    I wish you tons of luck with your pregnancy and I hope to hear from you soon!


  3. Dear Sam,

    Thanks so much for contacting me! I appreciate it! I do not believe that I would fit into the project you're working on, nor do I know of anyone who would fit that description. However, I wish you the best of luck!


  4. A Fly On My Homeschool Wall - Yes, we're really, really excited!! It's the first time I haven't either been hyperemetic or on many, many drugs. Definitely a wonderful development. :)


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