Monday, May 5, 2014

An HG Success Story!

I absolutely love finding HG "success stories" - stories in which an HG mama doesn't just manage her HG, but finds what works to prevent it for the next pregnancy.

Such stories are rare and precious, and we need to learn everything that we can from them.

I ran across this HG success story quite randomly and wanted to share it with you all! The blog is Eosinophile, and the two pertinent entries are her most recent.

(As a side note, this blog has some really excellent material on it. Hop on over and take a quick tour!)

The first HG entry, Birth Defects and Hyperemesis Gravidarum, reads:
"I have been preparing my body to try to conceive for a year. My fist pregnancy was a disaster, with hyperemesis gravadarium, a birth defect, and polyhydraminos. I’ve been doing a lot of research on how to prevent these problems... I don’t want myself or a future child to have to suffer these things. Here are some of the things I have done.
"I have made sure my body composition and nutritional status are optimized. By using a gram of DHA and EPA a day, getting my vitamin D levels above 70ng/mL, and the paleo diet.  Last time I didn’t eat fish and I didn’t supplement with vitamin D and was careful to avoid the sun.  Sadly I took advice from my doctor, which was the wrong advice."
In her second entry, she reports success - Pregnancy With No Hyperemesis (!):
"I am now 7 months pregnant, I conceived right away.  Thankfully I had no hyperemesis.  After one incident of nausea I got acupuncture and felt better immediately."

Unfortunately there are no further entries, and the one comment I submitted has not been published. I suspect that this blog is now "untenanted," which is unfortunate! But the information is there, and I definitely recommend checking it out. I will be linking to both entries from my sidebar. For those HG mamas out there who compile research, I recommend copying both articles into a document for safekeeping - untenanted blogs tend to disappear over time.

Congratulations to this mama!

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