Thursday, November 14, 2013

Happy Reformation Day!

Just checking in quickly to bring you a fast "Happy Reformation Day" - because I'm not blogging, remember? I'm on a break. 


SO.... This year we participated in a small local event in honor of Reformation Day. We had so much fun!

Each family was asked to dress in costume, and each family took a booth to mimic a historical "shoppe" - for example, an apothecary's shop, etc. We took the bake shop!

(My husband told me that he was going as Scottish reformer John Knox. I asked, "How does going in street clothes qualify as dressing up as John Knox? Quoth he, "I have a beard. Therefore I am dressed as John Knox.")

The rest of us took similar trouble with our costumes. In all seriousness, getting ready for this event took a lot of time and effort - and costumes just took back seat. We dressed the 7yo in his Jedi outfit and called it a day. It's called historicity, people.

For our booth, we created a double-ended oven. Kids were given a ball of "dough" (playdough) to shape into a hot cross bun, then they put it in the oven to "bake", while I surreptitiously removed their playdough from the oven and put in its place a real hot cross bun, which they got to remove and then glaze.

It was a huge success. And not only did we have (most of) the kids fooled, but some of the parents also thought we had some sort of amazing Easy-Bake Oven going on!

The kids were all given money to spend at each of the shops, and they had a great time - though the 7yo was, as expected, totally disinterested in historical displays and preferred to spend his evening sword-fighting with the other boys. This was fine with us - there's time enough for interest in Old-World Europe!

Other highlights of the night included a potluck dinner and a narrated play-acting of the life of Martin Luther.

Unfortunately, we didn't get any pictures of the hot cross buns. But they were delicious, and we totally sold out - even some of the adults came to buy! We even sold out the gluten-free and gluten/egg-free treats we brought along, so we went home with our inventory completely exhausted.

Here are some pictures! Local friends, this was a lot of fun if you're looking for a Reformation Day event!

We used this recipe for playdough, using artificial vanilla instead of peppermint extract. We learned an important lesson - NEVER make a 6x batch of playdough. It was nearly the end of us. 


I'll leave you with this extremely addictive little ditty in honor of Reformation Day. ENJOY!

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