Thursday, November 14, 2013

Easiest Fall Craft Ever! (And All for $1)

I'm still on a blogging break. Really! I just had to stop by and show you a super-cute homeschool craft that we finished today. It was easy, fast, not too messy, and was a hit with the 7yo! (And that last bit is huge, because finding crafts that he enjoys is a monumental task!)

Original craft, with step-by-step instructions and great pictures here.

Basic instructions:


  • Faux leaves (buy a package at the dollar store)
  • Paper towel tubes, one per person
  • Brown paint
  • Cardstock for bases
  • Glue, preferably a hot glue gun


Slit bottom of tubes (for roots) and top (for branches). Paint brown, let dry. Hot-glue roots to cardstock, and leaves to branches. Voila! (Decorate bases for extra credit.)

These were lovely! You could totally use these for a holiday centerpiece, or just some lovely Autumn decoration.


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